100% Carbon Neutral

At goodr, our stated purpose is that we exist to give you the permission to be unabashedly yourself…unless you’re an asshole. Trashing the planet, our home, our gd MOTHER EARTH, is something that assholes do. goodr has worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and will continue to be vigilant of our packaging, shipping and delivery methods, as well as our basic habits at the goodr HQ aka The Lagoon (by reducing waste, buying upcycled and recycled materials whenever possible, and enhancing our overall office efficiency).


In 2019, through the purchase of carbon offsets, we can officially say that goodr is a 100% carbon neutral company! Fireball shots to celebrate.


All living things on Earth contain carbon. Even your mom. If you weigh 100 pounds (which hopefully you weigh more assuming you’re an adult reading this and weren’t recently on the Netflix show Alone…), 18 pounds of you is pure carbon. Plants are almost half carbon. Carbon is found in carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that works to trap heat close to Earth. It helps Earth hold the energy it receives from the Sun so it doesn’t all escape back to our alien friends in outer space. If it weren’t for carbon dioxide, Earth’s ocean would be nothing but a massive ice skating rink. If the world chooses to ignore the impact of greenhouse gases, our planet will turn into a giant Hot Pocket. And if you thought the burnt roof of your mouth was bad...

So what does it mean to be 100% carbon neutral? This means that no net carbon is added to the environment as a result of the six pairs of sunglasses you’re about to click in to your shopping cart. Every carbon-emitting activity is taken into account, from business travel to product development. One purchased carbon credit represents the reduction of greenhouse gases equal to one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). So what the flock does that mean? We partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to help fund continued innovation and development of carbon reduction projects and technology. The carbon credits that goodr purchases go towards programs that are working on agriculture methane capture (yup, we’re talking about cow pies), forestry (land conservation, reforestation and replanting, initiatives), refrigerant leak prevention (because we don’t want that hydrofloxapopa… errr... hydroflourocarbon leaking out into the environment. That shit is far more potent than greenhouse gas, with a much greater warming potential), campus clean energy, grasslands conservation, landfill gas extraction, and several other impressive projects, that need attention and funding more than ever to help extend the life of our planet.

With a half consumed very large piña colada in hand, Carl the Flamingo, goodr’s CEO, says, “SQUAWKKK A SQUAWKKIN’ SQUAWKER!” Which our flaminglists have translated to, “LOVE YOUR MOTHER AND GO GREEN YA FLOCKERS!”